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He accepted that he was a monster. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "What are you thinking about???" I think Meeks can do it if he tries. Nikolai didn't want that. Patricia let go of Fay's hand. It's the happiest place in earth! Nobody called her. These clothes suit you. Eduardo is from Ecuador. He's an Ecuadorian. I received her letter the other day.

Timothy parked his car in the driveway just behind Boyd's car. You know your rights. The thing the Time Traveller held in his hand was a glittering metallic framework, scarcely larger than a small clock, and very delicately made. There was ivory in it, and some transparent crystalline substance. They're having a social at the church tonight. Joanne sensed something was wrong. We had few sunny days this summer. He was hit by a falling rock and died instantly. Is she free on Friday afternoon?

Do you keep a dream diary? You should follow your teacher's advice. I forgot where I put it. Kari keeps making the same mistake. They knocked on the door and said they had come to arrest him. Greg and Vincenzo were friends, nothing more.

He resisted arrest violently. This is the main gate to their house. Thanks to television, boys and girls are apt to neglect reading books. I got him to do it. Moran wasn't fooled for a second. This situation would suit Rudolf.

I realize I need more experience with kids. Will you help us? Oh, a bath, please. Would you please tell me what's wrong? I don't know what the matter is. Khalid has a variety of pens. Olaf began to wonder who Irwin had learned French from. As a result of always being hungry and fatigued, that dog finally died.

Do you have any idea of how difficult is to do this?

Happiness and sadness only last for a time. What a fearful waste of money!

I have a lot of flowers. I'm Indra's mother. Whether it's good or not, let's do it anyway. Let's move on to the next item on the agenda.

What's so strange about that?

Sailors spend weeks or months in the immense ocean.